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The Love Europe Project (Englische Untertitel/English Subtitles)

"The Love Europe Project": Kollage mit den Hauptdarstellerinnen und -darsteller des Episodenfilms

The "Love Europe Project” is an insightful road trip of nine films that celebrate the richly varied life stories in everyday Europe.

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Europe’s stability is under threat: Brexit; the politics of division; the rise of nationalism and populism; climate change; wars in neighbouring regions and the consequent flow of migration. Does all this mean the end of the European Dream?  A group of young film makers take a stand and ask what does Europe really mean to its people? Is it simply a political construct? Is it just a geographical space? Or is it much, much more?

The "Love Europe Project” is an insightful road trip of films that celebrate the richly varied life stories in everyday Europe: A young German boy, who only knows about his neighbouring country, the Czech Republic, through school text books discovers that barriers can be overcome without words when he develops an unexpected friendship with a young Czech girl. A mother from Croatia who is a textile worker rebels against a despotic boss. 
Seen from the outside, Europe means both homelessness and a haven to a 14-year old Afghan refugee who finds work in family carpentry business in Greece. 
Each film highlights the countries differences without clichés showing that the relationship between people of diverse backgrounds and the humanity that unites them is what Europe is all about.

The films:

Director: Sebastian Stern
Screenplay: Sebastian Stern
Cinematograpyh: Alexander Haßkerl
Film Editing: Sebastian Stern
Cast: Philipp Franck, Rosalie Malinská, Esther Kuhn, Stephan Zinner and others
Germany/Czech Republic

When a German boy and a Czech girl meet shortly after the collapse of the Iron Curtain, in contrast to the adults around them they click immediately, showing that friendship does not always require a shared language.

Director: Alex Schaad
Screenplay: Dimitrij Schaad, Alex Schaad
Cinematography: Ahmed El Nagar
Film Editing: Franziska Köppel
Music: Richard Ruzicka
Cast: Alexander Kovalev, Gustav Schmidt, Dimitrij Schaad and Katharina Schaad

Two very different worlds collide when a Russian grandfather visits his family in Germany and tries to find a loving connection with his estranged German grandson, despite their deep cultural differences. 

Director: Charlotte Regan
Screenplay: Amelia Hashemi, Charlotte Regan
Cinematography: Franklin Dow
Film Editing: Phill Currie
Music: Angus McRae
Cast: Ruby Thompson, Spike Fearn, Tejal Rathore, Darcy Rafter and others
Great Britain

When a German exchange student arrives at an English school wearing her hijab the English kids reject her but this canny girl knows how to defend herself. 

Like A Bird
Director: Michaela Kezele
Screenplay: Michaela Kezele
Cinematography: Morten Søborg
Film Editing: André Bendocchi-Alvez
Music: Gerd Baumann, Gregor Hübner
Cast: Zrinka Cvitesic, Leni Erceg, Slavko Stimac, Aleksandra Jankovic and others

The young daughter of a seamstress dreams of being free as a bird while her mother suffers at the hands of a despotic boss, until one day, at great risk, the mother decides to rebel. 

The Old Man and the Bucket
Director: Tomasz Emil Rudzik
Screenplay: Tomasz Emil Rudzik
Cinematography: Bogumil Godfrejów
Film Editing: Wojciech Slota
Music: Andrzej Strzemzalski
Cast: Marian Dziedziel, Wojciech Mecwaldowski, Patrycja Durska and others

When an emergency forces an old stick-in-the-mud Polish man to spend time with his transsexual neighbour he is forced to reconsider his attitudes. 

Fleeing in Europe
Director: Aline Fischer
Screenplay: Aline Fischer
Cinematography: Ania Winkler
Film Editing: Janina Herhoffer
Cast: Wael Noureddine, Manon Heugel, Marie Klock and Fleur Offwood

When a French painter makes a portrait of a Lebanese filmmaker the intimacy of their encounter brings out unexpected emotions, which threatens to overwhelm them both.

Director: Lisa Brooke Hansen, Even Hafnor
Buch: Lisa Brooke Hansen, Even Hafnor
Kamera: Oystein Mamen
Schnitt: Christan Siebenherz
Mit: Janne Heltberg, Tobias Santelmann, Farhia Mohamed, Shamsa Issa Abdi and others

A well-meaning Norwegian couple gets more than they expected when they intervene in an argument between two Muslim mothers and a fun park checkout girl about the bacon content of a bacon crisps packet.

Director: Laura Bispuri
Screenplay: Laura Bispuri
Cinematography: Francesca Amitrano
Film Editing: Carlotta Cristiani
Cast: Patience Sare, Nunzia Schiano, Tatiana Lepore, Sandra Toffolatti and others

Domestic workers have always been told to use the back entrance of a bourgeois house in Rome, until one day this is challenged by an African cleaning lady sparking a discussion that is far reaching. 

Director: Sofia Georgovassili
Screenplay: Sofia Georgovassili
Cinematography: Giorgos Valsamis
Film Editing: Thanassis Totsikas
Music: Coti K
Cast: Aris Servetalis, Mahdi Karimi and Aggelos Flessas

When a young Afghan refugee finds work in a family carpentry business in Athens he unexpectedly finds a sense of home that he had long since given up on. 

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