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Facts and figures about ZDF

ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) is Germany’s national public television broadcaster. It is run as an independent non-profit corporation under the authority of the Länder, the sixteen states that constitute the Federal Republic of Germany.

The nationwide channel ZDF has been broadcasting since 1st April 1963 and remains one of the country’s leading sources of information. Today, ZDF also operates the two thematic channels ZDFneo and ZDFinfo. In partnership with other public broadcasters, ZDF jointly operates the internet-only offer funk, the German channels PHOENIX and KiKA, and the European channels 3sat and ARTE.

The corporation has a permanent staff of 3,500 plus a similar number of freelancers. Since March 2012, ZDF has been headed by Director- General Thomas Bellut. He was elected by the 60-member governing body, the ZDF Television Council, which represents the interests of the general public. Part of its role is to establish and monitor programme standards. Responsibility for corporate guidelines and budget control lies with the 14-member ZDF Administrative Council.

ZDF is based in Mainz, but also maintains permanent bureaus in the 16 Länder capitals as well as special editorial and production facilities in Berlin. For international coverage, ZDF has foreign correspondents operating in 18 permanent bureaus worldwide.

ZDF offers full-range generalist programming with a mix of information, education, arts, entertainment and sports. Its coverage provides both a broad view on the world and a comprehensive picture of Germany.

In compliance with its public service remit, ZDF produces quality programmes for all viewers in all parts of Germany without neglecting minority interests. In this way ZDF strives to offer the highest possible public service value.
In line with German legislation on public service broadcasting, ZDF issues a bi-annual statement on programme policy, a commitment which is regularly reviewed by the independent ZDF Television Council.


Postal Adress:
ZDF German Television
55100 Mainz

ZDF German Television
International Relations
tel.: +49 6131 70-12060
fax: +49 6131 70-16822

ZDF Represantation at the Europaen Instuitutions
Avenue des Arts 56
1000 Brussels, Belgium
tel.: +32 2 2869132
fax: +32 2 2869136

ZDF Enterprises GmbH

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