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It stinks

Heavy Air in Germany - Film by Johannes Hano

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Air Pollution is the world`s largest environmental single health risk. The World Health Organization (WHO) attributes over 3 million deaths to outdoor air pollution in 2015 with more than 35.000 cases in Germany.

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Who is responsible for this air pollution in Germany? ZDFzoom asks: Why can´t we get this problem solved?

One reason seems to be the intensive mass animal farming .Ammonia from the slurry becomes fine dust that spreads hundreds of kilometers through the wind.

And pesticides do their part in polluting the air. German farmers are not able to harvest fennel, which is the base of infant fennel tea, without chemical residues.  In autumn the air is full of herbicides. The quality check of a food company brought this invisible pollution to light. They found herbicides in the middle of a big organic production area.

The scandal about manipulated diesel cars is becoming more and more of a problem for the German government and for many German cities. In many areas the pollution through NOx is far higher than the EU allows. ZDFzoom shows that the influence of lobbyists on politicians is great and that that is one of the main reasons Germans don’t have the clean air they deserve.

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