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The Myth of Clean Trucks

Pollution Gangsters and their Fraud - Film by Christian Bock

ZDFzoom - Die Lüge vom sauberen LKW

Doku | ZDFzoom - The Myth of Clean Trucks

German Documentary Program ZDFzoom has exclusively received measurement data documenting how the industry’s toll evasion numbers in the millions of euros and shows the entire scope of environmental destruction caused by miniature electronic parts, …

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AdBlue is an additive used in emission control in diesel-engined trucks. “An absolutely clean technology”, says Prof. Thomas Koch of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. But AdBlue is expensive. On the internet anyone can order devices that lead the trucks electronic system to believe that AdBlue is working when it realy isn’t. In ordinary superficial check ups this will not raise any suspicion.

A study of the University of Heidelberg found strikingly high emissions in more than 20% of all eastern European trucks. This manipulation results in up to 14.000 tons of additional nitric oxides each year. According to toll expert Prof. Kay Mitusch each year trucks are traveling and equivalent of approximately 1.6 billion km though Germany. Manipulated trucks are travelling using less expensive toll categories resulting in a loss of more than 110 million Euros in toll revenues for the German government.

ZDFzoom is tracing back the steps of AdBlue manipulators to Romania, where a hauler proudly shows how easy it is to manipulate AdBlue. He explains that “…you do not have to worry about German controls. The German Police does not know anything about this”.

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